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5 Tactical Gifts for This Holiday Season

Tactical gear is finding a wider audience among those outside of the armed services and public safety professionals. Military and tactical gear tends to be rugged and reliable, since it’s designed to perform effectively under extreme conditions. If you have a hunter, a gun enthusiast, or even a hiker on you gift list, tactical gear is a great idea. The best tactical boots you can find or a quality pair of gloves make great holiday gifts. The key is choosing legitimate gear from an actual supplier of servicemembers.

A Pair of Military or Tactical Boots

Consider the decades of technology, research, and testing that goes into building footwear that U.S. servicemembers trust their lives to. Military and tactical boots have to be exceptionally comfortable, tough but flexible, lightweight, and breathable. They have to feature insoles and outsoles with an aggressive grip that remain quiet when moved in. That makes for a pair of boots that will stand up against a great variety of conditions. Look for something like Nike SFB boots, Garmont T8s, or Under Armour Loadout boots.

A High-Quality Headlamp

A trustworthy headlamp is invaluable in any number of situations. Hands-free light is hugely beneficial when you’re camping, hiking, hunting, or looking at an engine after dark. Just having a headlamp on hand to read at night in a tent is a handy option. Check out handlamps from Princeton, Petzl, and Rotcho for light you can trust when you need it.

A Reliable Plate Carrier and Armor Plates

Owning a plate carrier and plates for it is often a must for both members of the armed forces and public safety professionals. They can also be useful for being safer at the shooting range and to function as a chest rig to store ammo, food, and whatever other gear you need while hunting, hiking, and so on. An increasingly popular use for plate carriers and first-rate armor plates is as a weight vest for more intense workouts and training.

A Tough Pair of Tactical Gloves

As is the case with boots, plate carriers, and so much other tactical gear, tactical gloves are built to function as expected in the toughest situation. A tough pair of tactical gloves or shooting gloves make an excellent gift for hunters, campers, and recreational shooters. A pair of hard-knuckle tactical gloves provides superior protection to those who work with their hands in a wide variety of occupations as well.

A Rugged EDC Knife

A high-quality, trustworthy knife is useful for countless applications. A supplier of military and tactical gear is the prime source for knives that you can rely in a pinch. Whether you choose a folding knife or a fixed-blade sheathe knife depends on who you are gifting it to. Either way, it’s a holiday gift that is bound to be appreciated and come in handy for the recipient.

About US Patriot

US Patriot has earned a reputation as a trustworthy supplier of top-quality military and tactical goods ever since its founding in 2000. In the following two decades, this veteran-owned and veteran-managed brand has opened more than 70 locations worldwide. Today, US Patriot is the nation’s largest off-base supplier of authorized, approved military gear and apparel. US Patriot has a simple mission: to serve our nation’s heroes both at home and abroad by equipping members of the armed forces, public safety personnel, and anyone else who needs it with tactical gear, footwear like Rocky C4T boots, military uniforms, and accessories like MOLLE pouches. When you need gear you can rely on to do your duty and get the tough jobs done, US Patriot is ready to stand behind you. For everything from an Army combat uniform and other dependable tactical solutions, trust US Patriot.

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